Commercial leasehold property

Whether you are a commercial landlord looking for a draft lease over either a short or long period of time or a business tenant looking to take a lease for any length of term then you should speak to us before you settle the agreed heads of terms. This is in order to avoid later problems and costs.


There are many parameters that need to be taken into account whether the lease is long or short that can determine the complexity of the lease. In certain circumstances, we will work with a landlord to negotiate a more “friendly” short-term lease.


Consideration has to be given by both landlord and tenant to their primary obligations which include: condition of the property on entry, during and on exit of the lease; dates of rent review; and the obligations on both landlord and tenant for compliance with the terms of the lease. Each lease is dealt with on a bespoke basis.


The lease must reflect the agreement between landlord and tenant who need to be content with the relationship going forward for the length of term and on exit. The form of lease has to work for both landlord and tenant and it is therefore important to consider the terms so that both parties are happy with them.