My experience has been gained “on the job” since 1987. Always a highly responsive ‘hands on approach’. Ready to do whatever is necessary to give my clients a competitive edge. If this means getting in my car and going out to walk a development site or property, then so be it.

I have a genuine passion for property. I love working with developers and get great job satisfaction from providing a speedy accessible legal service that supports their activities.

I learnt about the practical aspects of business at an early age – before working in property and development, I was involved helping run my fathers various businesses.

In my teens I played in local rock bands and an award winning brass band, after showing a dogged determination and commitment to music practice, achieving Grade 8 Distinction in brass and numerous certificates in piano and woodwind.

I started out in law in 1987 when I was offered the opportunity to work for a family-owned law firm in Oxford. It was here that I experienced a very wide range of work but quite quickly displayed a natural aptitude for property law.


I qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and having worked my way up the ladder at a number of good quality law firms in the Thames Valley I decided to test the waters in Dorset. I joined Malcolm in 2006 and in 2007 became a full partner in Scott Walby LLP, with the additional role as Finance Director just to keep me busy.


Within weeks of arriving in the local area I had introduced myself to almost every estate agent, as well as continuing to maintain a strong relationship with upmarket estate agents, Strutt & Parker. I firmly believe that the on-going recommendations and referrals I receive are as a direct result of my highly focused approach, prompt response time, decisive action and depth of knowledge.


Whilst living in Newbury, I had been Chairman of the local Round Table and Assistant Director of the Royal County of Berkshire Show. Immediately on arriving in Bournemouth I joined Bournemouth Round Table No. 5 and in 2010 became President and Chairman of Bournemouth Round Table.


I have a fiercely determined nature, and have been described on occasions by clients as having a ‘terrier-like tenacity’. I also never overlook the finer details that are all important in property work.


One of the key factors in our success is that my clients can always get hold of me at any time. The fact that I am accessible/available to provide sensible, practical and professional advice is highly valued by these busy clients. If this means on occasions working evenings and weekends then that is par for the course.


I believe that it is because of these qualities why we are regularly recommended by partners at Strutt & Parker, Symonds and Sampson, accountants, IFAs and many other professionals.


Our varied client base includes high net worth foreign-based individuals, investment buyers, developers, commercial property owners, as well as numerous repeat clients.


I take enormous pride and care in my work. I revel in the challenges of property development work, as well as the high standard of conveyancing work required in successfully buying and selling good quality properties.


In general there is often more than one way to skin a cat and the same goes for property work. Experience counts for a great deal and providing sensible alternative ways to solve problems swiftly is something that I pride myself on. It also can save our clients’ money which is important.


When you are about to make one of the biggest investments in your lifetime, why would you not choose to employ a property lawyer with enormous drive, practical knowledge and common sense.