Thinking out of the box

John’s client had already started using a substantial warehouse for storage purposes. John found out that he had taken no advice on the proposed lease in the belief that all leases are “standard”. This is of course not the case.


Having visited the site and reviewed the lease John’s advice was to exclude the outside of the building from the lease as it was old and could incur considerable costs in the future. This amended lease was duly agreed by all parties. Three months after this was signed a storm blew half the roof off the building.


Instead of a major disaster, the landlords insurance supported John’s client renting another property and the £90,000 for the roof damage was paid for by the landlord.


Adding extra value

John’s client was a property developer who needed to set up a number of management companies to manage various sectors of a complex estate that required buyers of the properties to tie in to binding obligations relating to the successful running of the estate. John re-wrote all the documentation in a user friendly manner enabling prospective buyers to easily understand what they were committing to.


By also working very closely with the same developer and maximising the opportunities available, John added considerable value to the estate and made the process of selling the units much easier and faster than would have otherwise been the case. The clients view was that this was not a normal solicitor approach and added massive extra value, positively affecting the profitability.